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To ride our motorcycles, you must:
• Be 25 years or older
• Be actively riding
• Have a minimum of 2 years constant riding experience
• Have a minimum of a “Restricted or Provisional License” We are unable to cater for learner license holders sorry

In most cases we will accept your local license from the country of issue, but we must be able to clearly identify your license type. If there is any doubt please send us a copy of both sides of your license or obtain an “International Drivers License”

Before obtaining an International Drivers License you want to consider having your license translated by contacting the New Zealand Transport Agency. Please follow this link.

New Zealand Road Rules are similar to that of other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom and we drive on the left side of the road.
Please click on the following link to take a brief test on road rules in NZ Motorbike Driving Tests
A full copy of NZ road rules can be found at Motorcycle Road Code

nz-transport            road-code

In NZ, we also have one lane bridges in remote areas. Traffic from the direction of the RED ARROW gives way. However, if you are travelling from the direction of the black arrow you should proceed with caution.

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