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Insurance option: Standard Excess

The hirer is automatically covered, as part of the daily hire charge, with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover. The hirer accepts the insurance cover at the point of signing the hire agreement, details of which are set out in the hire agreement, and the hirer acknowledges that he/she is aware of all the exclusions detailed in clause 7 of the hire agreement. The hirer further acknowledges that he/she is liable in respect of the relative excess amount for damage or loss referred to in the insurance cover specified below.

Subject to the exclusions set out in the hire agreement, the hirer, and any driver authorised to drive the motorcycle, is indemnified to the extent of NZ $5,000,000 in respect of any liability he or she might have for damage to any property (including injury to any animal) belonging to any other person and arising out of the use of the vehicle.

1. A standard excess applies in the event of any damage to either the motorcycle, any accessories or third party property as follows:

From 500cc to 750cc, NZD $2,500.00
751cc and over, NZD $3,000.00

2. In most cases we do not charge a security bond to your credit card.  We ask you to present a valid credit card at the time of hire and we record the details in the event you have an accident or cause damage to the motorcycle. Your total liability is limited to the excess amount applied to each cc class of motorcycle. We may at our sole discretion place a hold authorisation on your credit card. At the end of the hire there will be no further charges provided the motorcycle and accessories are returned undamaged, intact and there has been no damage or loss to any third party. This includes minor items such as scratches, seat damage, keys & any top-up fuel where the motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank. Traffic fines or toll road notices that come in after the hire has ended will also be charged to your nominated card.

3. If the motorcycle, accessories or any third party has suffered damage or loss the owner will make an assessment of the monetary value of such damage or loss and, under advice to the hirer, will deduct this value from the credit card nominated in this agreement, up to the full excess depending on the nature and extent of the damage. Therefore, the hirer’s maximum liability is capped at the excess amount relative to the motorcycle hired, plus any cost of recovery of the motorcycle. In the event we are unable to clearly make this assessment due to excess damage we will charge the full amount of the excess to your nominated credit card.

Please note the majority of our hirers also take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers rental vehicle excess in their country of origin.